Perigee-syzygy 2016-11-14
Perigee-syzygy 2016-11-14
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Or in the vulgar tongue, "Supermoon"
Clouds were fairly zipping past but the moon was impressively sizeable and bright.
HDR: two frames blended with Hugin+enfuse for noise-reduction.
Quite a lot of work has gone into maintaining just the right contrast with the drop-off of silvery halo to black, including tonemapping in LuminanceHDR.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2016-11-15T00:24:18
Date/Time Digitized:2016-11-15T00:24:18
black-and-white Art Clouds Composite GIMP Hugin Ilford-PanF-50+ Luminance-HDR Manipulated RawTherapee Sky Stacked astronomy digiKam enfuse film-emulation monochrome moon nature panorama raw-conversion toned tonemapped