Autumn Abstract Leaves
Autumn Abstract Leaves
The last few remaining orange-green leaves among branches and twigs.
Simple abstract patterns: a handful of beech tree leaves clinging to a fine filigree of branches and twigs, toward the end of autumn.

Visually, something different. Not every landscape has to be a vista; not every photo hyper-saturated. Instead, sometimes we appreciate the simple things, leaves being pale orange to yellow or even green rather than vibrant, backgrounds pale instead of contrasty.
Camera Exif Information
Camera Make:Panasonic
Metering Mode:Multi-segment
Aperture F/number:F0
Date/Time Digitized:2013-11-15T15:17:46
Exposure Time:1/125 s
Camera Model:DMC-GH2
Original Date-Time:2013-11-15T15:17:46
Focal Length:0.0 mm
Exposure Mode:Auto
Exposure Programme:Aperture priority
Shutter speed value:0.008
ISO sensitivity:320
Aperture Value:0
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