Brutalist Architecture
Brutalist Architecture
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...otherwise known as a large dustbin right on the beach, Brighton. Perhaps not quite the view of the sea I had in mind.
Something rather different from my usual style - I was struck by the large expanse of yellow, the juxtaposition of mankind's influence against nature's beach, the bland mundaneness of a grey day.
Brighton Beach, New Year's Day 2015.

As with a lot of my work, this is an HDR image (3 frames bracketed +/-1EV) processed naturally with enfuse and darktable.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2015-01-01T13:02:42
Exposure Programme:Aperture priority
Exposure Time:1/125 s
Aperture F/number:F8
Focal Length:18.0 mm
Camera Make:SONY
Metering Mode:Multi-segment
Camera Model:NEX-7
Date/Time Digitized:2015-01-01T13:02:42
Exposure Mode:Auto bracket
ISO sensitivity:100
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