The Blues
The Blues
The empty abandoned former-BT office building in Perth
A moment of pure urban grey; the former BT office buildings in Perth, looking up to the sky beyond. It's the kind of grey that gets stuck in one's head while walking around a town: a mental homogeneous uniform mush, no drama, no light, no aspiration, no excitement, no life behind the dull dead windows, no love. Melancholia in pixels, yet strangely beautiful.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2015-07-15T18:03:35
Camera Make:SONY
Date/Time Digitized:2015-07-15T18:03:35
Camera Model:NEX-7
black-and-white atmosphere square urban grime grim depressing ruin melancholy miserable Art Camera Composite Equipment Lens Manipulated Photography RawTherapee Sony-18-55 Sony-NEX-7 abandoned balance beautiful beyond bland calm change city composition contrasts curves digiKam digital-grad-ND dreamy dull-light elegance emotion enfuse filter fleeting good-bad landscape light lines long-exposure mankind-nature monochrome moody motion-stationary nasty-nice negative-space panorama photivo raw-conversion satori-punctum separation-division shape-and-form shapely simple sky-earth space strange striking thoughtful toned transience zen