No Light: Life in the Forest

Since July 2010 I've made it my business to make a photo per day of the woodland around the Inverawe estate in Argyll; the theme is a study of the forest, little things that catch my - or the dogs' - attention.

The Art

I created the idea of "no-light", a slightly Zen concept as a response to the usual role of light in landscape photography.

In a landscape, one often strives to capture an interesting pattern of contrasty light itself, dappled across trees or mountainsides. Instead, for the majority of these photos I have chosen the flat sunlight of the early mornings from before the sun rises over the mountain, coupled with a used a uniform style of black-and-white (slightly toned cold), in order to emphasize angles and forms, for their intrinsic shapes.

I made a book of the results, tracing themes such as slowing down and taking time, appreciation of simplicity, landscape, trees, closeup, environment and "looking up": No Light: Life in the Forest.

You can browse the collection below...

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