It may be a cliché maybe, but why not?
Closeup of a pattern of daffodil flowers, particularly aesthetically pleasing as the eye follows the bright petals and trumpet shapes around the frame through the distant blur and back.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2011-04-03T12:55:12
Exposure Programme:Auto
Exposure Time:1/500 s
Aperture F/number:F5.6
Focal Length:47.0 mm
Camera Make:Canon
Metering Mode:Multi-segment
Camera Model:Canon EOS 500D
Flash:No, compulsory
Exposure Mode:Auto
Shutter speed value:1/500 s
Shutter speed value:0.002
Aperture Value:F5.6
Aperture Value:5.6
ISO sensitivity:200
light nature Places Scotland black-and-white flora weather DoF minimalist argyll inverawe Arty Genre shape/form DxO closeup bokeh Seasonal Spring focus daffodil Summer
Near: Taynuilt