Left to Rot?
Left to Rot?
A couple of months ago, someone sawed a few large branches off this maple tree. I'm not sure why - it's not as though they're pointing at the road, but there may be other reasons. Now it's just lying quietly, soon to be overwhelmed by ferns and other undergrowth.
Camera Exif Information
Date/Time: 2011-05-11T08:37:18
Original Date-Time: 2011-05-11T08:37:18
Exposure Programme: Auto
Exposure Time: 1/125 s
Aperture F/number: F5.6
Focal Length: 42.0 mm
Camera Make: Canon
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
Camera Model: Canon EOS 500D
Date/Time Digitized: 2011-05-11T08:37:18
Flash: Yes, compulsory
Exposure Mode: Auto
Shutter speed value: 1/128 s
Shutter speed value: 0.008
Aperture Value: F5.7
Aperture Value: 5.6
ISO sensitivity: 400
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Near: Taynuilt