Dusk Falls, Loch Tay
Dusk Falls, Loch Tay
Mist rising off distant mountains, Loch Tay
I happened to be driving through Kenmore just as dust was turning to the dark of night. This is a classic scene, oft photographed - but this particular evening, there was such a contrast between the dark water of Loch Tay and the small patterns of light cast on the clouds and mist rising from Sron Mhor on Ben Lawers, it had to be shot - break out the circular polarizer and ND filters for a long exposure!
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2014-11-24T11:20:07
Date/Time Digitized:2014-11-24T11:20:07
landscape sky light nature water Places Scotland distance enfuse Art Manipulated Nature Stacked toned Composite raw-conversion emotion digiKam darktable contrasts light-and-dark awe long-exposure HDR mood dramatic black-and-white trees clouds flora shape-and-form sky-earth Photography Equipment Lens zen serene dark blur composition exposure long art calm filter white lines GIMP dynamic elegance photivo simple moment solitary land-water panorama digital-grad-ND digital-low-pass striking time-flows tonemapped transience flowing motion-blur states-of-water timefulness Luminance-HDR loch near-far night Sony-18-55 rules sumptuous vista digital-c2g horizon Circular-Polariser balance stark turbulence diagonal Perthshire Hugin digital-bloom golden-mean Tay contrast monochrome moody crazy-art dusk wild Sony-NEX7 Loch and black mountain Kenmore Loch-Tay island Ben-Lawers atmospheric blue-hour digital-purple-filter gloomy