Corrie Fee: Vista
Corrie Fee: Vista
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Having strolled through the woods from Glen Clova, one emerges into a wide corrie complete with small river running through the glacial morraine.
Camera Exif Information
Date/Time: 2015-04-11T10:33:41
Original Date-Time: 2015-04-11T10:33:41
Camera Make: SONY
Camera Model: NEX-7
Date/Time Digitized: 2015-04-11T10:33:41
landscape light water Places Scotland Art Colour Manipulated Nature toned Composite raw-conversion emotion digiKam darktable contrasts awe dramatic shape-and-form sky-earth Photography Equipment Lens zen composition filter sunlight curves lines elegance photivo pure uplifting panorama rock-stone digital-low-pass nature-happens striking tonemapped geology raw sidelit timefulness near-far Sony-18-55 affection aspiration vista balance shapely rugged idyll beautiful bright challenge inviting burn glacial-morraine drumlins topography Angus Corrie Corrie-Fee bright-sunlight