Waterfall, Inversnaid
Waterfall, Inversnaid
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Classic landscape: a long exposure of the waterfall at Inversnaid on the shores of Loch Lomond.
A well-known classic landscape scene: the waterfall at Inversnaid splashing down through the trees and boulders into Loch Lomond.

While I was at the harbour making this photo, I thought there was something about the tonality of the image that appealed strongly. Some of that smooth tone has been retained by using LuminanceHDR to tonemap it, using the Pattanaik algorithm which tends to give dark, low-key results with low but rich saturation.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2016-11-06T00:10:22
Date/Time Digitized:2016-11-06T00:10:22
landscape light Places Scotland Highlands enfuse Art Colour Manipulated toned Composite RawTherapee raw-conversion emotion darktable motion HDR mood atmosphere Photography Equipment Lens zen blur calm filter dynamic elegance tranquil uplifting contentment panorama calm-still tonemapped flowing motion-blur vista dull-light Circular-Polariser Hugin rugged beautiful soft-light f2.8 dusk ND4 Camera Olympus Olympus-PEN-F 12-60mm memories Trossachs Inversnaid