Fading Light, Glen Turret
Fading Light, Glen Turret
boulders and Loch Turret from beyond the glacial morraine at the head of the loch.
I loved the light - simple, dull yet colourful, lending itself to a warm slight magenta tint.
The challenge is to spot the reason why it doesn't look like this if you come visiting...
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2015-03-28T17:38:32
Exposure Programme:Aperture priority
Exposure Time:1/60 s
Aperture F/number:F8
Focal Length:19.0 mm
Camera Make:SONY
Metering Mode:Multi-segment
Camera Model:NEX-7
Date/Time Digitized:2015-03-28T17:38:32
Exposure Mode:Auto bracket
ISO sensitivity:320
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