Falls of Bruar: Flow
Falls of Bruar: Flow
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Above the lower waterfall, Falls of Bruar
Some years ago now, I first saw this scene - spent 2 hours in my favourite camera shop in Perth to hunt a tripod, trying to believe in Manfrotto because everyone uses Manfrotto and emerged with a Slik instead - came back the next day and totally failed to make what I wanted of it.

It's been an uphill battle with several visits over the intervening years but I think I'm finally getting close on the rendition I had in mind.

HDR: Olympus Pen-F, hi-res mode, 3 frames, +/-1EV, enfuse
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2016-06-27T12:53:37
Date/Time Digitized:2016-06-27T12:53:37
landscape light water Places Scotland enfuse Art Colour Manipulated Nature Stacked toned Composite RawTherapee raw-conversion emotion digiKam contrasts awe rock-water Photography Equipment Lens zen composition filter dynamic elegance simple contentment river colourful calm-still striking tonemapped flowing raw Luminance-HDR affection sumptuous dull-light Circular-Polariser balance motion-stationary turbulence Perthshire intimate-landscape beautiful f2.8 rivers ND4 Bruar Falls-of-Bruar Camera Olympus Olympus-PEN-F 12-60mm Bruar-Water