Abstract Rockery
Abstract Rockery
Patterns, textures and colours on the underside of the Bowder Stone.
Camera Exif Information
Date/Time: 2014-04-18T01:09:36
Date/Time: 2014-04-18T01:19:14
Original Date-Time: 2014-03-08T16:35:51
Original Date-Time: 2014-03-08T16:36:46
Exposure Programme: Aperture priority
Exposure Time: 1/50 s
Exposure Time: 1/40 s
Aperture F/number: F7.1
Focal Length: 32.0 mm
Camera Make: SONY
Metering Mode: Multi-segment
Camera Model: NEX-7
Date/Time Digitized: 2014-03-08T16:35:51
Date/Time Digitized: 2014-03-08T16:36:46
Exposure Mode: Auto
Shutter speed value: 0.02
Shutter speed value: 0.025
Aperture Value: 7.1
ISO sensitivity: 1600
Colour-space: sRGB