Smooth Serenity
Smooth Serenity
Hills across Grasmere - dull light and a long exposure making for a brushed smooth appearance in both clouds and the water surface.
Camera Exif Information
Date/Time: 2014-05-19T23:29:37
Original Date-Time: 2014-05-19T23:29:37
Camera Make: SONY
Camera Model: NEX-7
Date/Time Digitized: 2014-05-19T23:29:37
Colour-space: Uncalibrated
landscape light nature water Places enfuse Art Colour Manipulated Nature Stacked toned Composite RawTherapee raw-conversion emotion digiKam darktable contrasts motion long-exposure space HDR trees flora shape-and-form sky-earth Photography Equipment Lens zen serene reflection symmetry calm filter lines GIMP airy dynamic elegance pure simple tranquil timescale solitary land-water panorama lake colourful calm-still areas digital-low-pass time-flows tonemapped states-of-water timefulness Luminance-HDR dreamy Cumbria District Down Lake Sony-18-55 South affection aspiration hills vista Grasmere ND1000 digital-c2g dull-light horizon reflections