Pure Calm, Strathtay
Pure Calm, Strathtay
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Pure cobalt blue sky after dusk, invisible landscape
Dusk fell as I drove back from photographing the Falls of Acharn earlier in the afternoon, light turning to dark via shades of beautiful cobalt blue sky.
I wanted to capture the raw aethereal minimalism of beautiful sky, black landscape and nothing but the horizon between. The tiny wisp of cloud is a bonus.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2016-11-20T18:21:04
Metering Mode:Spot
Aperture F/number:F2.8
Date/Time Digitized:2016-11-20T18:21:04
Exposure Time:8 s
Camera Model:PEN-F
Focal Length:27.0 mm
Exposure Programme:Manual
ISO sensitivity:80
Exposure Mode:Manual
Flash:No, compulsory
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