Queen's View, Loch Tummel
Queen's View, Loch Tummel
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Clouds in the golden sunlight, Loch Tummel from the Queen's View viewpoint
It's a classic spot. Nice evening light. Schiehallion in the distance. Tolerable scenery.
Controlling the light took quite a bit of work with a grad-ND4 filter at the scene and in RawTherapee afterwards, but I'm very pleased with the result as one of my earlier explorations in the Pen-F's high-resolution mode.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2016-07-03T17:27:34
Date/Time Digitized:2016-07-03T14:05:06
landscape light nature water Places Scotland distance Sky Clouds Highlands Art Colour Manipulated Nature toned RawTherapee raw-conversion emotion digiKam contrasts awe atmosphere warm trees clouds shape-and-form sky-earth Photography Equipment Lens zen serene calm filter sunlight lines GIMP elegance pure tranquil moment uplifting colourful tonemapped Luminance-HDR loch near-far affection beyond sumptuous vista Circular-Polariser Perthshire beautiful golden-hour f2.8 sunny Schiehallion mountain Camera Olympus-Pen-F filters Olympus Olympus-PEN-F 12-60mm amazement Loch-Tummel Queen's-View outlines LuminanceHDR grad-ND4