Rain and Sun
Rain and Sun
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A double rainbow and partial reflection in Loch Laggan
As I drove west into the sun, I noticed a peculiar quality to the rain falling – soft, gold yet thick. A quick check in the rear-view mirror and I was redrawing the braking-distance charts, screaming to a stop into a layby, leaving the car door open, keys in the ignition, boot lid up, sprinting to the optimum viewpoint… A fantastic double rainbow over Loch Laggan.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2011-09-18T17:16:41
Exposure Programme:Shutter priority
Exposure Time:1/25 s
Aperture F/number:F16
Focal Length:33.0 mm
Camera Make:Panasonic
Metering Mode:Multi-segment
Camera Model:DMC-GH2
Flash:No, compulsory
Shutter speed value:1/25 s
Shutter speed value:0.04
Aperture Value:F16
Aperture Value:16
ISO sensitivity:160
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Near: Roughburn