Sunlit Forest, Deeside
Sunlit Forest, Deeside
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I loved the pattern of light illuminating both foreground broom flowers and falling on the mid-distant forest canopy.
For once, I’m not entirely sure where this was taken, other than that it was by the side of the A93 along from Ballater to Braemar. There was something about the subtle play of light on the trees that caught my eye. Had to be done. HDR: two frames at hi-res mode on the Pen-F, enfuse.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2016-05-14T17:13:45
Exposure Programme:Manual
Exposure Time:1/500 s
Aperture F/number:F8
Focal Length:17.0 mm
Metering Mode:Spot
Camera Model:PEN-F
Date/Time Digitized:2016-05-14T17:13:45
Exposure Mode:Manual
ISO sensitivity:80
landscape light distance enfuse Art Colour Manipulated Nature toned Composite RawTherapee raw-conversion emotion darktable contrasts light-and-dark HDR atmosphere shape-and-form sky-earth Photography Equipment Lens zen composition filter sunlight lines elegance pure simple moment contentment colourful digital-grad-ND striking transience near-far near-mid-far-distance rules vista horizon beautiful film-emulation f2.8 inviting mixed-light Camera Olympus Olympus-PEN-F 12-60mm Synthetic-Velvia-50