There Is No Boat
There Is No Boat
A long exposure of water flowing around the harbour wall, Portpatrick
Rocks, water, time, sky and not a lot else. With a long enough exposure, an entire sailing boat can pass through the frame and leave no impression.
landscape nature water Places Scotland enfuse Art Manipulated Nature Stacked toned Composite raw-conversion emotion digiKam darktable contrasts awe motion long-exposure space HDR square rock-water black-and-white shape-and-form sky-earth minimalist texture Photography abstract-qualities Equipment zen serene Arty Genre rocks submerged composition calm filter cold Dumfries-and-Galloway airy elegance existentialist photivo pure simple tranquil meaning-emptiness moment timelessness timescale land-water panorama rock-stone innocence calm-still areas digital-grad-ND digital-low-pass Portpatrick krita mankind-nature time-flows tonemapped flowing geology states-of-water wacke Luminance-HDR dreamy near-far harbour motion-stationary Hugin texture-blend paper sea duotone aethereal blue-green welding-glass
Near: Portpatrick