This World's Not My Home
This World's Not My Home
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Long exposure at Tarbat Ness lighthouse
Water lapping around eroded Devonian old red sandstone forming the cliff on which the Tarbat Ness lighthouse sits, looking out to sea.
(Four images, each of 30s for a total of 2 minutes' exposure, blended with enfuse.)
Camera Exif Information
Aperture Value:F10
Original Date-Time:2011-11-26T16:54:06
Exposure Programme:Manual
Exposure Time:30 s
Flash:No, compulsory
Aperture F/number:F10
Focal Length:19.0 mm
Camera Make:Panasonic
Metering Mode:Spot
Camera Model:DMC-GH2
Shutter speed value:30 s
Shutter speed value:30
ISO sensitivity:160
Aperture Value:10
landscape scotland sky light black-and-white blur water Places Scotland geology cold submerged distance building erosion motion dusk clouds negative-space autumn long-exposure space Highlands enfuse ACR Art Manipulated Nature Stacked toned Composite RawTherapee raw-conversion shape-and-form abstract-qualities seasonal rock-stone portmahomack tarbat-ness lighthouse north-sea remote lumix-GH2 Building dreamy emotion golden-ratio isolation old-red-sandstone
Near: Portmahomack