Washed Up
Washed Up
Inside a cave looking at Bow Fiddle Rock
Something about this scene just lent itself to a classic portrait-orientation composition - the side-lighting of interlocking diagonal lines of rock strata, rock-pool and unexpected car tyre off-centre.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2015-03-20T15:17:08
Camera Make:SONY
Metering Mode:Multi-segment
Aperture F/number:F8
Date/Time Digitized:2015-03-20T15:17:08
Exposure Time:1/100 s
Camera Model:NEX-7
Focal Length:24.0 mm
Exposure Mode:Auto bracket
Exposure Programme:Aperture priority
ISO sensitivity:100
black-and-white car-tyre litter Moray Portknockie cave rockpool water Bow-Fiddle rock shape form texture light mankind-nature low-tide Art Bow-Fiddle-Rock Composite Equipment GIMP HDR Lens Manipulated Nature Photography Places Scotland Sony-18-55 areas awe balance bemused beyond breaking-rules composition contrasts darktable digiKam digital-G'Mic digital-c2g digital-low-pass digital-red distance dramatic elegance emotion enfuse existentialist filter geology good-bad hard intimate-landscape jumble land-water landscape light-and-dark lump message mixed-light moment monochrome nasty-nice near-far near-mid-far-distance oddity photivo raw-conversion rock-stone rules satori-punctum sedimentary shape-and-form shapely sidelit sky-earth space story strange strata striking sunlight timefulness toned tonemapped vintage vista zen