Dubh Loch Waterfall
Dubh Loch Waterfall
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Motion-blurred water in a long exposure at a waterfall by Dubh Loch
It took several minutes to clamber in and along a small gorge to find this waterfall - but what a beauty. Three photos, each of 1.6s exposure, blended to enhance the blurry water contrasting with solid rock face. Taken as part of a photo-walk around Dubh Loch near Inverary, Argyll.
Camera Exif Information
Original Date-Time:2011-12-03T16:12:11
Exposure Programme:Manual
Exposure Time:2 s
Aperture F/number:F10
Focal Length:20.0 mm
Camera Make:Panasonic
Metering Mode:Spot
Camera Model:DMC-GH2
Flash:No, compulsory
Exposure Mode:Manual
Shutter speed value:2 s
Shutter speed value:1.6
Aperture Value:F10
Aperture Value:10
ISO sensitivity:160
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