Photographic Projects

Over the past few years I've come up with at least three ideas for series of images, subsets and derivatives of my usual landscape photography.

A couple of winters ago, I started to notice the shapes of trees during winter; this became the Space-Filling Curves project, consisting of 6 photos sharing the style of being made on black-and-white film, in square format.

From July 2010 to 2011, I've run a project called No Light: Life in the Forest which explores themes of closeup and intimate landscape detail, the beauty of woodland flora and mankind's management of the land, all in a common digital black and white digital format; the results are available as a book.

During the middle of 2011, my interests have switched to digital manipulative processing for the sake of art, starting with techniques such as compositing for composition, selective blur and duotone colouring. The first result of this is a short series called Death and Destruction.

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