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The Bruar Water flowing down the gorge, from the lower bridge at the Falls of Bruar, rocks glistening in cold blue shadow light.
On my first visit to the Falls of Bruar, I had identified the photo Flow as a scene for further exploration. The following weekend I spent an hour in a camera photo-shop in Perth, choosing a tripod; I had hopes of a Manfrotto but there was no one design that would take the weight of the large-format camera and had the head I wanted, so I settled for a Slik D3 which allowed me to lay the tripod almost along the low wall with its legs out almost flat. I went back to Bruar after shopping, but instead of Flow I actually made this photograph, "Raw", after the sun had set behind the mountains casting the gorge in a deep blue light, making the schist and limestone rock glisten cold and wet. An 8-second exposure on the Shen-Hao, using Rodenstock 210mm lens, Fuji Velvia-100 film.
landscape nature water long-exposure square rock scotland film large-format velvia shen-hao river geology motion-blur rodenstock perthshire bruar falls-of-bruar surreal rvp-100 elements