Aurora Timelapse, 2016-09-25

There were notifications on Facebook, so I shot out to my favoured farm track away from the houses to a clear view north. As I watched, the clouds moved east along Strathearn, but there was definitely some aurora visible to the naked eye and it came out well on camera.

This really shows the extent of light-pollution just from a small town such as Crieff.

Technical details:
Olympus Pen-F, 7-14mm PRO lens at 8mm. ISO 1600, f/3.5, one 10s exposure every 15s for 59 frames. Converted using RawTherapee, interpolated using a custom timelapse.jl julia script, video made using ffmpeg.

landscape sky long-exposure atmosphere colour timelapse video green aurora night stars vista Perthshire Strathearn Crieff pastoral rural September-2016 fields purple light-pollution