Early Morning Timelapse Video, Glen Affric

There can be few locations more tranquil and peaceful than Glen Affric, deep in the Highlands of Scotland, especially early in the morning before the tourists arrive. It's a special place for me, of stillness and calm, where the chaffinches eat shortbread out of your hand; the old Scots Pine trees in the Caledonian Forest reserve speak of a history dating back 8000 years (some trees are 350-500 years old individually).

And so I spent a very happy couple of hours one Sunday morning, as the sun rose around 6am, standing at the glen, looking out over the trees, watching the clouds pass almost imperceptibly by.

This timelapse video was made using the Nikon D200 and Cokin grad-ND filter, one frame every 15 seconds for 70 minutes. The resulting 280 frames were passed through my Python script timelapse.py to apply linear interpolation up to 2250 frames for a 25fps output, with minor gamma and masking manipulation en route, giving a run-time of 90s at 1080p high-definition quality.
The audio of birds chirping and tweeting and rushing river white-noise was recorded at the same time, using a Trevor Baylis wind-up mp3-player/recorder. (The low whirring right at the end is a chaffinch flying underneath the bench on which the sound-recorder was placed!)
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