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Loup o'Fintry

Display image: Loup o'Fintry
It's been some years since I had reason to pass by this part of Stirling, but the head of the waterfall at Loup o'Fintry never disappoints. Far from the best lighting - mid-afternoon on a bright blue-sky sunny day - but the Sony A7r3 handled it perfectly and the long tele zoom lens picked out some interesting details amongst the rocks. Dinantian mafic lava dating from the Mississippian age.
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GPS location: 56.04947661667473, -4.149742116614607

EXIF info

ISO: 100
Aperture: f/18
Shutter speed: 0.06666666666666667s
Focal Length: 90
Date and Time: 2019:04:13 13:48:32