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An experiment: after a stressful morning, I put the Helios 58mm lens (a well-known classic bokeh-monster) on the Fuji X-T4 and went for a walk. Fixed focus distance, wide aperture all the way. The more I strolled, the more I found my subject for the day and an idea developed to make at least 3 of a kind (partly helped by how my photography society has a competition for triptych). I wasn't sure whether to make it three of yellow gorse, or 3 of white cow-parsley against gorse or three of cow-parsley against green, all of which looked pleasant. On returning home and processing the best 8, I found a logical progression from white-on-green to white-on-yellow to pure yellow. Instant art project :)
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GPS location: 56.28556388333703, -3.6944856

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