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The Lurgy

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Rather different artwork from my normal: experimenting with PovRay, my favoured ray-tracing software since the late 90s, to construct a scene of various germs and things emerging from a warped background covered in the genome sequence for SARS-Coronavirus-2. Redbubble, the site I use for fulfilling print and other sales orders, have recently started offering face-masks as a product on which to display one's art: see their announcement at My initial reaction was that art is a luxury, so profiting off it is highly distateful. However, Redbubble are matching every mask sold by donating one to a charity (Heart to Heart International); a friend pointed out that if masks are to become normalized in society then making them artistic is certainly a way forward. Accordingly, I have started offering some existing and new photographic work in this form; however, I've set my profit margin to 0 for masks in the process.
This image is available for purchase in a variety of formats including framed print and homewares from redbubble.
Alternatively, to arrange a custom print up to 32 inches, please contact me.

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