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Wee Seat

Display image: Wee Seat
A great place for a rest - a seat supposedly overloking Soldier's Leap, although I think the trees are too overgrown to see anything apart from other folks staggering up the hillside. I was particularly pleased to find this scene - a day spent exploring with the 12mm (18mm-e) prime exclusively, and the composition just jumped out - the dappled light came and went with the cloud obscuring the sun, the diagonal lines of the wooden sleeper steps pointing to the seat.
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GPS location: 56.74274066666667, -3.7742459166129376

EXIF info

ISO: 160
Aperture: f/0
Shutter speed: 0.125s
Focal Length: 12
Date and Time: 2021:06:12 16:01:59