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From some of the world's oldest rocks in Assynt in the far north of Scotland, to the flora and fauna that flourish where the forces of geology have caused huge disruption in rural Perthshire, to the landscapes of Argyll and rolling gentle hills and coasts of Dumfries and Galloway, observing the natural environment brings a restorative tranquility.

In landscape, people say one should strive to capture what it feels like to be in a given location. For me, landscape is normally calm; it ticks at its own slow and reassuring pace. Therefore, a realistic or documentary approach seems appropriate. Whether it's rushing waterfalls or calm coastal stillness or a small hedgerow detail that catches my eye, I hope to convey a sense of restfulness and the place's identity.

For four years from April 2010 I made a photograph per day, always black-and-white, focussing on the minutiae of life in the woodlands of Inverawe; a selection of images can be found in my mini-blog, No Light.
I continue to be fascinated by black and white for both art and landscape purposes.


Your craft and art are now a part of our home. These wonderful images will be with us for many years to come, stirring us to think and feel about this good earth of ours. We will be contemplating the moves of sky and water, the turns in the road and twists of branch, the power of mountains and lull of country. You have captured and expressed so well the essence of these moments...
...Family and visitors alike all remark on their beautiful and stunning imagery. They are now a treasured family heirloom; the vistas inspire me every day, and for that I must sent a big, hearty "thank you!" of appreciation.

--TC, Kentucky.

All my images are Copyright (C) Tim Haynes, available for use under the terms of the Creative Commons CC-by-nc-nd (Scotland) licence; in most cases cards and prints are available; feel free to contact me if you want.

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