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First come nature and the landscape: the world's oldest rocks in Assynt in the far north of Scotland, the large pointy mountains in Argyll, the geological influences that shape Perthshire, to the natural forces that shape trees.

Then comes the appreciation: the admiration of shape and form, revealed in light; the pondering of timescales over which the land changes.

Of this appreciation the photograph is born: connoting the feeling of being in the presence of the scene.


Your craft and art are now a part of our home. These wonderful images will be with us for many years to come, stirring us to think and feel about this good earth of ours. We will be contemplating the moves of sky and water, the turns in the road and twists of branch, the power of mountains and lull of country. You have captured and expressed so well the essence of these moments...
...Family and visitors alike all remark on their beautiful and stunning imagery. They are now a treasured family heirloom; the vistas inspire me every day, and for that I must send a big, hearty "thank you!" of appreciation.

--TC, Kentucky.

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About Tim

I first became interested in photography when Mum gave me my first camera to help recovering from chickenpox in primary school. However it was a good twenty years later before it became a serious hobby - an excuse for weekend excursions away from town.

When I moved to Scotland in 2004, the habit extended further; I got into medium- and large-format photography, developing my own film at home, still using photography to explore the landscape. For my purposes, film has long been replaced with digital, but the appreciation of light, landscape and nature's shapes and forms continues.

I'm quite a technical photographer: out to maximize the amount of information available from the sensor, optimum image quality facilitating large wall-art prints.